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Spotting Potential Candidate!

What to look before you swipe right

Most of us had experienced a situation where we thought we found a perfect employee during an interview, and yet they failed to perform well in doing their job. What went wrong? A lot of things can be the answer, but we want to highlight the interview process because it is the initial gateway.

Interview can be tricky. We are required to make an assessment in a very short time whether someone is competent enough to join our organization. Wrong judgement can lead to a painful situation in the end. To make things more difficult for us to identify a potential candidate, nowadays there are so many so called job interview “superhero” that teach candidate on how to answer questions during an interview. We are getting more and more rehearsed answer than a genuine one. This might lead to an inaccurate assessment for the company’s side.

So, how do we spot a potential candidate?

Here are several simple tricks that you can use to get a better understanding of your candidates

1.      See beyond degree and experience. Do not get blindsided by shiny degree or massive experience. A degree is just a statement that you complete school, and not a guarantee that you are ready for work. Experience is also sometimes overrated, because different organization comes with different ecosystem. We cannot just replicate past glories.

2.      Measure the size of the glass. Look for people with high learning capacity and agility because every new hire needs to learn something new, whether it is big or small. You need to make sure they are able to absorb it and quick.

3.      Check for dependents or financial urgency. This may sound harsh and unpleasing to read, but people who needs to support their family or even depend solely them for financial support, tends to have more fighting spirit. They will not give up easily and bail out when things get though. They tend to rise up to the occasion.

4.      A quick peek before interview sessions. Try to observe you candidates before the actual interview while they are waiting to be called. You will get a glimpse of how they actually behave in a normal setting before they put some kind of rehearsed persona in the interview room. Some of them may be smoking, most of them will be busy with their phone, some (but less likely) will read a book, some will look nervous and sweating bullets, some will bust making conversation, etc. Check it out if you have time. It may provide additional (and critical) information.

5.      Make it comfortable for the candidate. Interview sessions is not the time to show who the boss is. Do not spend time by do most of the talking and acting superior and all. You will not get result by doing this. Make your candidate feel comfortable so they can share, show their actual self, and provide us with information whether they are suitable or not to join our organization.

All of the above may not cover all, but it will be good start to get your interview sessions going. Hope it helps.

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